“Not thinking. Remembering.”

August 11, 1956

We love Thanksgiving. That may be partly due to the fact that it’s more difficult to commercialize Thanksgiving than it is Christmas (altho some are trying).

Thanksgiving is largely attitudinal.  It’s a chance to lift our eyes from our human-soaked selves and focus on the ultimate Source of all good things and every perfect gift. (James 1:17) The holiday offers an opportunity to slow down, re-charge, re-focus, serve others and … remember.

Are you familiar with the old MGM movie from 1960, “The Alamo“?  There’s a line uttered by John Wayne (Davy Crockett) that’s extraordinary and profound in its simplicity.  Huddled into the old mission on the night prior to Santa Ana’s attack, Wayne delivers this immortal line in response to a question about what he’s thinking:

Not thinking.  Remembering.

In a very real sense, that’s what giving thanks is all about, isn’t it?

Can we stop for a few moments today and direct our thoughts heavenward with thanks as we remember:

– The “land of the pilgrim’s pride, land where our fathers died, from ev’ry mountain side…”

– Family


– Good books

– Challenges that have stretched us; trials that have made us stronger; adversities that have caused us to send our roots ever deeper into the Anchor of our Soul.

– Friends who love us enough to tell us the truth (instead of what we may want to hear)

– Health

– Libraries

– The steadfast promises of a faithful God whose lovingkindnesses are new every morning.

– Free speech

– Puccini arias

– The loyalty and affection of pets (dogs rule!  Not that we’re biased or anything 🙂

– The wondrous glory of God as revealed in His creation

Tatoosh  from Mazama-2

– “God moments” where He quietly, gently reveals Himself to us in ways we can hear, see, know, and understand.  Author Jan Karon calls these “Patches of Godlight.”

– Grace and truth

… So much more.  What are you thankful for today?  What are you remembering?


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