What is “Simple Church”?

Greetings, sports fans…

Okay, okay.  It’s a tired, over-used salutation.  But we’re still in “recovery mode” after the holidays and want to open up a discussion on “simple church” and related issues and… well… as usual,  God only knows.  Ready?  Set?  Let’s go!

What Is It?

What is “Simple Church” (SC)?    Models vary, but the basic concept is found in Acts 2:42-47.

Simple church doesn’t have buildings, professional clergy, budgets, or denominations.  SC meets where people live.  “SCers” gather together in the name of Jesus around His Word.  As Christ-centered communities, SCs nurture each other in God’s truth and move out in the amazing journey of joining Him on His mission.

“Simple Church” may sound a little weird if you’re used to another model, but SC is just that: simple. Take a gander at the video below for some basics – and see ya here next time for more:


Coming up next: Some Simple Church Distinctives.

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