Savvy Quotes from Sterling Sisters (and Brothers)

What do you think about the following?:

“Oh, that the ministers of religion would search the original records of God’s Word in order to discover whether the general notions of society are not wrong on this subject, and whether God really intended woman to bury her gifts and talents, as she now does.”

– Catherine Booth, Co-founder of the Salvation Army (Female Ministry, in Tucker and Liefeld, Daughters of the Church,p. 264)

“It is not enough for women to modestly and quietly seek their own redemption; they must proclaim it, even when that proclamation lays them open to the false charge of immodesty.  It is wicked for any human being to shut the mouth of anyone, male or female, who will sound forth a testimony to the truth in these days of apostasy. “

– Missionary and Bible Expositor Katherine Bushnell, who helped stop child prostitution in India in the late 1800s.  (God’s Word to Women, p. 324)

“The prophet Joel was not against the daughters prophesying, nor the apostles… So you that persecute the daughters on whom the Spirit of the Lord is poured, and believe them not, you are them that despise prophesying, and so have broken the apostles’ command… So be ashamed forever, and let all your mouths be stopped forever, that despise the spirit of prophecy in the daughters, and do cast them into prison, and do hinder the women laborers in the gospel.”

– George Fox, Founder of the Quaker Movement (The Works of George Fox, in Tucker and Liefeld, Daughters of the Church, p. 227)

Some more paradigms and paradoxes next time.  Stay tuned.


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