Open Our Eyes, Lord

Look around.  In the past, God has used ordinary women to change the course of history:

–         Born a slave, Sojourner Truth would spread the fires of freedom all the way to Congress. Born a woman, she would boldly voice a link between the plight of slaves and that of American Women. Born without hope, she would receive a call from God to preach a deeply felt message -that people show their love for God by their concern for others.

–         Mary Slessor was called to bring the gospel to West Africa in 1876. Armed with a relentless faith and abetted by her medical skills she succeeded in opening Africa to healthy trade and the message of Christ. Like David Livingstone, she was committed to breathing her last while charting new territory for the Lord.

–         Elizabeth Keckley, dressmaker, confidant, and counselor to Mary Todd Lincoln. Beloved by both Lincolns, Keckley provided the comfort for Mary after Abraham’s assassination that enabled her to not fall into suicidal despair.

–         Sarah Josepha Hale: writer and magazine editor.  Often called the “mother” of Thanksgiving.

–         Amy Carmichael who founded the Dohnavur Fellowship in India and rescued countless children from temple prostitution.

–         Corrie ten Boom, the “heroine from Haarlem” who never married but dedicated nearly 40 years of her life traveling the globe to share the message of forgiveness and salvation by grace through faith in Christ following her release from a Nazi death camp.

–         Fanny Crosby, blind hymn writer who penned over 2,000 hymns including “Blessed Assurance” Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross,” “All the way My Saviour Leads Me, “Sweet Hour of Prayer,” and “To God Be the Glory.

–         Catherine Booth, co-founder of The Salvation Army.

–         Harriet Beecher Stowe – penned Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  (Need we say more?)

–         Lottie Moon, southern Baptist missionary to China in the 19th century.  Her unconventional ministry was so influential that an offering named in her honor is collected annually in SBC churches to this day (yet the same denomination refuses entre to women when it comes to substantive church leadership.)

Isn’t God using women in the same mighty ways today?  Consider:

–         Arkansas-based evangelist Diane Shreve.  She travels thousands of miles a year on a motorcycle to reach hard-core female bikers with the love of God and the message of hope and salvation in Jesus Christ.

–         Heidi Baker, a seminary-trained American who originally went to Mozambique to manage a dilapidated orphanage.  She and her husband now oversee 200 hundred churches and provide houising, clothes and food to more than 600 orphans.

–         “Maryam and Marzieh,” two women who suffered in an Iranian prison simply for refusing to recant their belief in Jesus Christ.

–         Angela Sarkis, who was the first woman and black person to be appointed to the role of National Secretary of the YMCA (U.K).

–         -Rev Kate Coleman, who made history when she became the first black woman to be made president of the Baptist Union of Great Britain;

–         Women house church leaders in China.  Some oversee thousands of churches.

–         Anne Graham Lotz, Luci Swindoll, Sheila Walsh, Ann Judson
Edith Schaeffer

–         You?


Join us next time for 12 Theological Axioms for Equality.


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