Isn’t It Time to Wake Up?

Do we honestly believe that men alone are going to reach all the lost and wounded people in the world for Christ?  Is the Great Commission gender-specific, e.g., a testosterone-only zone?  How long shall Christian women sit on the sidelines or be relegated to ornamental or “background music” endeavors – bulletin board decorating, macramé-making, holiday card crafting, cooking and sewing – when there’s a lost world waiting to be reached with the Good News?

How many souls have been lost for eternity because capable, competent, skilled women who could’ve touched those lives were either prevented from doing so by the “old boys club” or maybe worse, chose to sit on the bench and spectate, justifying their impassivity by claiming that evangelism, teaching, preaching, and leadership are male-exclusive domains?

Isn’t it time to WAKE UP??!!

More later.  Stay tuned.  Additional resources included in next post, Women of God, Arise! See ya soon!

Also in the pipeline:  Another “Blind Side” and a new series on Spiritual Abuse – what it is, what it isn’t, and how to find help, hope, and healing.


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