Buffaloes and Bum Steers (part 8 of 12)

Whether it involves domination and manipulation, power posturing, responsibility without authority, demands for unconditional submission, or misusing rank, position, status, title and others for self-gratification, exposure to spiritually abusive environments has consequences.  Spiritual abuse often results in burnout, fatigue, weariness, and a deep sense of being wounded and  “overweighted” by the demands of spiritual leaders and their version of “spirituality.”

Thus, when you decide to leave an abusive system, your life will lighten up.  But be prepared to be misunderstood and having some big rocks chucked your way.

No Bum Steers

Likewise, don’t assume that a change in geography or denomination will solve everything.  You may have even been told – implicitly or explicitly – that YOU are “the problem” – a common tactic used by spiritual abusers.  While we would all do well to examine our hearts regularly and confess, repent, ask for and receive God’s cleansing and forgiveness as indicated, don’t let a spiritual abuser buffalo you into a swallowing a bum steer.

Beneath the accusations and the scape-goating, it may be the system or the hierarchy that’s the issue – the source of abuse.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THIS.

Get out.  Fast.  Get help.  Find or cultivate some safe relationships and support to help you heal and pursue a fuller, richer, deeper relationship with Christ and a more intimate walk with God.  More on this later.

We’re taking a brief break from our current series  for a special 4th of July-themed reflection.  Coming up soon: Freedom vs. Forgetfulness, Authority Snaps & Attitude  Gaps, A Healthy Church, and When it’s Time to Get the Heck Outta Dodge. Don’t miss our concluding installment, There’s Hope!


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