A Healthy Church (part 9 of 12)

A healthy local church isn’t one that stifles honest questions, dominates, manipulates, or attempts to control and intimidate.  A healthy church is Christ-centered, life-giving, and produces rest for your soul.

Say Pastor Mike Fehlauer in Church and Ministry – Spiritual Abuse:

“Establishing healthy spiritual relationships will always be a challenge, but the process will prevent you from becoming weary and worn, trying to jump through religious hoops that promise God’s acceptance and love. If, in order to gain the acceptance of its leaders, your church constantly requires more and more of your life with no end in sight — and little encouragement along the way — then you may want to re-examine the church you are attending.

+ For more on this subject, see:

“Spiritual Abuse Still Very Much Alive” by Gary Parsons at John Mark Ministries. 

Beating the Sheep

Elements of spiritual abuse

Note: Listing does not necessarily imply endorsement.

Up next: “Freedom vs. Forgetfulness”

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  1. We can get so caught up in the right “church” – because the truth is that has become the foundation of our belief instead of a real relationship with God. Everything is upside down and backwards in mainstream Christianity – causing to be far from true Christianity. The idea is to be the church not do church. Our thinking has been greatly distorted in this area. Focusing on seeking God with all our heart, soul and mind Matthew 6:33 is be our freedom from the bondage created by the church system.


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