DSCF2475 It intrigues Hevencense authors (and the editor) that the most visited posts on this blog are “Nuggets and Nudges: Ideas for Women’s Ministry,”closely followed by “Cleaver & Conundrums: Why I Don’t Do Women’s Retreats.”

Why do you think that is?

What do these blog stats – unscientific “sampling” as they are – say about the current state of women’s ministries or women’s retreats?  Does the “typical” women’s ministry paradigm meet the needs and interests of Christian women, capture their hearts, engage their minds, stir their souls and expand their vision?  Or are some Christian women looking for something… more?  The hit stats are steady – and overwhelming.  Does this  suggest a sizeable gap in the usual “women’s ministry” approach?  Are growing numbers of Christian women feeling stifled, hemmed in, restless, or just plain bored with what’s currently available for that demographic?  Do the usual women’s devotionals, Bible studies and such miss a significant slice of the “ministry pie”?  Is the usual Suzy Homemaker/June Cleaver/Martha Stewart model of “women’s ministry” still relevant – or are growing numbers of Christian women dissatisfied with this stereotype, and restless for something bigger, broader, more challenging and biblically balanced?  Do more and more Christian women seeking something new, fresh, more substantive?

What do you think?

There’s all sorts of other topics and resources outside of “women’s ministries” on this blog – everything from book and movie reviews to scholarly sites to humor.  But the most hits always center on women’s ministries/retreats.  This has been the case for more than a year – long enough to be more than a passing fad.

What does this say?  Does it say anything?

Your thoughts?


2 Responses

  1. I need to look around your blog some more because your interests are much like mine (except I think you are more ‘refined’ than I am:). I originally googled “why I hate women’s retreats” which led me to “Cleaver & Conundrums: Why I Don’t Do Women’s Retreats.” My comment there still stands true to this day. I truly love my church and this is not meant to be critical of the person in charge of ‘women’s ministry’, but the last ‘women’s time’ I went to this summer was example A of why I’m so dissatisfied. The ‘activity’ that we did was a fashion show, where we had to make a ‘dress’ out of toilet paper and tissue paper. The unlucky volunteer got to walk down the runway and we all voted on which group did the best. After, there was a brief devotion, which was good, but fluffy, and I left feeling like I had wasted my time. I think I’ve just decided that my ‘women’s retreats’ are going to have to be with smaller groups of women with similar interests and the desire to use our minds as well as our hearts, in our pursuit of Christ. I come across very few females who have read, or aspire to read, J.P. Moreland, C.S. Lewis, etc. and others. Maybe I am the common denominator in the equation and need to learn how to ‘go with the flow’ of women’s ministry in it’s status quo?
    Anyways, I love reading here. Thanks!!
    Have a Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks for commenting. I hear ya!

      If more Christian woman were willing to speak up on this topic I think we’d find many who feel similarly about “the usual” when it comes to “women’s ministry.” Many express disinterest, frustration, and boredom with the sort of “Fluff” you describe here. Can’t blame them. Your idea about “retreating” with smaller groups of women of like mind is a great one! Go for it! Other sites and resources you may find of interest are: Kyria, Synergy and Soulation.

      God bless and have a blessed Christmas!

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