“Married with Children – ?”

   Why is “biblical womanhood” inevitably – sometimes solely – linked with being married with children?  Single women, teens or widows are excluded from the “biblical womanhood” paradigm?  (More on this in later posts.  Stay tuned.)


Last May someone in my church videotaped kids’ responses to the question, “What does your mom do?” or “Describe your mom.”  Responses from two year-olds to sixth graders ranged from thoughtful to hilarious.  What struck me most about this exercise, which was shown on-screen on Mother’s Day, was the number one response, rehearsed over and over again like the refrain to “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”: My mom cooks… She bakes…. Mom gets groceries… She does my hair… Helps me get dressed… Cooks breakfast….


And so on.….


Nothing wrong with any of that, but is that what Christian mothers, wives, and women are?  Defined by Betty Crocker, June Cleaver and Martha Stewart?  Our lives revolve around Kenmore, Maytag and G.E.?  Our identity is in what we do?  


Take it another step.  What constitutes “biblical womanhood?”  How do “Christian women” look, think, and act?  Why?


Try this: Google “biblical womanhood.”  (That’s okay.  I’ll wait.)  Dollars to donuts most of the hits returned have something to do with homemaking, sewing, cooking and baking, godly living, being a helpmate, being submissive to your husband, maintaining a meek and quiet spirit, being a keeper at home, dressing modestly (read: skirts rather than pants), child rearing, and home training.


Fine.  Still sounds like an emphasis on doing.  Is something missing?  Is the “glass” half full, half empty, or neither?


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