“Other” Women

Ministry to the Other Women

(To read the this great November 17 post by Sarah Flashing in context, visit: http://www.evangelicaloutpost.com/intellectuelle/)

   No matter the size of your church, you have an idea of what works for your women’s ministry, so much of what we do is “safe.” Everyone enjoys the holiday tea, the cozy bible studies, and the efforts to use chocolate as a tool for building strong community. I’m not opposed to these events and quite enjoy the opportunity to excuse myself from the monotony of the every day and the ever-so stressful tyranny of the urgent. But enough about me….

There are many kinds of women who our ministries will never reach, so we shouldn’t be too quick to beat ourselves up. But in my experience and based on the emails I receive from women, their are women in the church who are available and capable to reach out to women with more intellectual interests. If there are women in your church or on your women’s ministry team who have an interest in this area, don’t write them off – set them up to succeed in this area of ministry.

Today, women are excelling in higher education and our women’s ministries just are not equipped to reach them. Many of these women simply are not available for Wednesday morning bible studies, have little time for retreats, and feel out of place in women’s ministry settings as they currently exist. But there are ways to impact these women. Create opportunities to challenge their mind and not just their heart. This can be done through book discussion groups, apologetics studies, and Bible studies that do more than scratch the surface. Go to events at local colleges, coffee shops, and community forums and see what women are discussing. I guarantee they are not talking about how to make homemade baby wipes.They want to know how to identify truth, live authentic lives that help others, and live a life of integrity in spite of the uphill challenges women still face in our society. They want to know how to serve God in ways outside of the kitchen and nursery. God gifts women in all sorts of ways, and some of us just don’t have a clue about hospitality.

These women, like many other women I know, are uninterested in being emotionally vulnerable, they want to discuss the reasons for their beliefs – or even the reasons for your belief. We live in a world where it seems very likely that a woman is about to become President of the worlds greatest superpower (whether we like it or not), so women are expecting more. With an uncompromising Gospel message of Christ, sin and salvation, let’s meet the 21st century women where they are at.

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“Good on ya, mate!”  Or as we say in the West: “You go, girl!”


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